Revision of Phanaeus Macleay, a New World genus of scarabaeine dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Taxonomic name: 
Phanaeus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus achilles (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus adonis (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus alvarengai (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus amethystinus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus amithaon (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus beltianus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus bispinus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus blackalleri (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus cambeforti (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus chalcomelas (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus damocles (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus daphnis (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus dejeani (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus demon (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus difformis (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus endymion (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus eximius (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus flohri (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus furiosus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus halffterorum (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus haroldi (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus hermes (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus howdeni (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus igneus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus kirbyi (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus labreae (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus lunaris (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus melampus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus meleagris (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus melibaeus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus mexicanus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus nimrod (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus palaeno (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus palliatus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus prasinus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus pyrois (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus quadridens (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus sallei (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus scutifer (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus splendidulus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus triangularis (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus tridens (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus vindex (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus viridicollis (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus wagneri (Scarabaeinae)
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