Distribution and natural history of the dung beetle tribe Phanaeini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) in Bolivia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:A. C. Hamel-Leigue, Herzog, S. K., Mann, D. J., Larsen, T. H., Gill, B. D., Edmonds, W. D., Spector, S.
Taxonomic name: 
Coprophanaeus acrisius (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus bonariensis (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus caroliae (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus cyanescens (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus ensifer (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus ignecinctus (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus lancifer (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus milon (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus pessoai (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus suredai (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus telamon (Scarabaeinae), Diabroctis mimas (Scarabaeinae), Diabroctis mirabilis (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon conspicillatum (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon lautum (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon palaemon (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon silenus (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon spiniferum (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon striatopunctatum (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus alvarengai (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus bispinus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus cambeforti (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus chalcomelas (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus kirbyi (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus lecourti (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus meleagris (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus melibaeus (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus palaeno (Scarabaeinae), Sulcophanaeus batesi (Scarabaeinae), Sulcophanaeus faunus (Scarabaeinae), Sulcophanaeus imperator (Scarabaeinae), Oruscatus davus (Scarabaeinae), Gromphas lacordairei (Scarabaeinae), Gromphas aeruginosa (Scarabaeinae), Dendropaemon viridis (Scarabaeinae), Dendropaemon denticollis (Scarabaeinae), Bolbites onitoides (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus milon subsp. magnoi (Scarabaeinae), Dendropaemon denticollis subsp. lividus (Scarabaeinae), Dendropaemon pauliani (Scarabaeinae), Coprophanaeus (Scarabaeinae), Dendropaemon (Scarabaeinae), Diabroctis (Scarabaeinae), Oxysternon (Scarabaeinae), Phanaeus (Scarabaeinae), Sulcophanaeus (Scarabaeinae)
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