Synopsis of the new subtribe Scatimina (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae: Ateuchini), with descriptions of twelve new genera and review of Genieridium, new genus

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:F. Z. Vaz-De-Mello
Date Published:Dec
Type of Article:Review
ISBN Number:1175-5326
Keywords:COPRINI, DIVERSITY, dung beetle, dung beetles, HAROLD COLEOPTERA, Neotropical region, new genus, new species, PEDARIDIUM HAROLD, revision, STIPTOPODIUS GROUP

The new subtribe Scatimina (part of the tribe Ateuchini) is described and defined to include the following 17 genera, of which 12 are new: Scatimus Erichson; Scatrichus Genier & Kohlmann, 2003; Trichillum Harold, 1868; Pedaridium Harold, 1868; Eutrichillum Martinez, 1969, new status; Besourenga, new genus (type species Trichillum minutum Saylor); Bradypodidium, new genus (type species Trichillum bradyporum Boucomont); Degallieridium, new genus (type-species Degallieridium lilliputanum, new species); Feeridium, new genus (type species Feeridium woodruffi, new species); Genieridium, new genus (type species Pedaridium bidens Balthasar); Leotrichillum, new genus (type species Pedaridium louzadaorum Vaz-de-Mello & Canhedo); Martinezidium, new genus (type species Pedaridium galileoae Genier & Vaz-de-Mello); Nunoidium, new genus (type species Pedaridium argentinum Arrow); Onoreidium, new genus (type species Trichillum cristatum Arrow); Pereiraidium, new genus (type species Pedaridium almeidai Pereira); Silvinha, new genus (type species Silvinha unica, new species); and Trichillidium, new genus (type species Pedaridium quadridens Arrow). The subtribe Ateuchina Laporte is here defined and includes Ateuchus Weber, Deltorhinum Harold, Aphengium Harold and Sinapisoma Boucomont (transferred from Canthonini). The genera Scatonomus Erichson, Anomiopus Westwood and Hypocanthidium Balthasar are transferred from Ateuchini to Canthonini, and the genera Canthidium Erichson, Parachorius Harold (formerly Ateuchini) and Holocanthon Martinez & Pereira (formerly Canthonini) are transferred to Coprini. The genera Bdelyropsis Pereira, Vulcano & Martinez, Bdelyrus Harold, Coptorhina Hope, Delopleurus Erichson, Demarziella Balthasar, Onychothecus Boucomont, Paraphytus Harold, Pedaria Laporte, Pleronyx Lansberge, Pseuduroxys Balthasar, Sarophorus Erichson and Uroxys Westwood are considered as incerta sedis in the Ateuchini, not fitting into Ateuchina or Scatimina. A key is presented to the genera of Scatimina, and another for species of the genus Genieridium, which are also diagnosed. Each genus of Scatimina is diagnosed, has a complete species list, and includes remarks on affinities, composition and distribution. All genera except Scatimus and Scatrichus are (re) described, and examined material is listed for each species. The following three new species are described: Degallieridium lilliputanum, new species; Feeridium woodruffi, new species and Silvinha unica, new species. The following 32 new combinations are established (original genus in parenthesis): Besourenga minutus (Saylor) (Trichillum); B. vejdovskyi (Balthasar) (Trichillum); B. amarillai (Aguilar) (Pedaridium); B. horacioi (Martinez) (Trichillum); Bradypodidium adisi (Ratcliffe) (Trichillum); B. bradyporum (Boucomont) (Trichillum); B. venezuelense (Ferreira & Galileo) (Pedaridium); Eutrichillum arcus (Solis & Kohlmann) (Trichillum); E. hirsutum (Boucomont) (Trichillum); E. hystrix (Arrow) (Trichillum); Genieridium bidens (Balthasar) (Pedaridium); G. bordoni (Martinez) (Pedaridium); G. cryptops (Arrow) (Pedaridium); G. margareteae (Genier & Vaz-de-Mello) (Pedaridium); G. medinae (Gill & Vaz-de-Mello) (Pedaridium); G. paranense (Arrow) (Pedaridium); G. zanunciorum (Vaz-de-Mello & Canhedo) (Pedaridium); Leotrichillum louzadaorum (Vaz-de-Mello & Canhedo) (Pedaridium); Martinezidium fulgens (Arrow) (Pedaridium); M. galileoae (Genier & Vaz-de-Mello) (Pedaridium); M. martinsi (Ferreira & Galileo) (Pedaridium); M. maya (Vaz-de-Mello, Halffter, & Halffter) (Pedaridium); Nunoidium argentinum (Arrow) (Pedaridiu); Onoreidium bottimeri (Howden & Young) (Pedaridium); O. cristatum (Arrow) (Trichillum); O. howdeni (Ferreira & Galileo) (Pedaridium); O. ohausi (Arrow) (Trichillum); Pereiraidium almeidai (Pereira) (Pedaridium); Trichillidium brevisetosum (Howden & Young) (Pedaridium); T. caingua (Martinez) (Pedaridium); T. pilosum (Robinson) (Trichillum); Trichillidium quadridens (Arrow) (Pedaridium). Distribution maps are presented for the newly described species, for Nunoidium argentinum, for Pereiraidium almeidai, and for every species of Genieridium.

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Taxonomic name: 
Genieridium cryptops (Scarabaeinae), Besourenga horacioi (Scarabaeinae), Trichillidium quadridens (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum externepunctatum (Scarabaeinae), Martinezidium maya (Scarabaeinae), Martinezidium martinsi (Scarabaeinae), Martinezidium galileoae (Scarabaeinae), Martinezidium fulgens (Scarabaeinae), Martinezidium (Scarabaeinae), Leotrichillum louzadaorum (Scarabaeinae), Leotrichillum (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium zanunciorum (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium paranense (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium medinae (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium margareteae (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium bordoni (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium bidens (Scarabaeinae), Genieridium (Scarabaeinae), Feeridium woodruffi (Scarabaeinae), Feeridium (Scarabaeinae), Eutrichillum hystrix (Scarabaeinae), Eutrichillum hirsutum (Scarabaeinae), Eutrichillum arcus (Scarabaeinae), Eutrichillum (Scarabaeinae), Degallieridium lilliputanum (Scarabaeinae), Degallieridium (Scarabaeinae), Bradypodidium venezuelense (Scarabaeinae), Bradypodidium bradyporum (Scarabaeinae), Bradypodidium adisi (Scarabaeinae), Bradypodidium (Scarabaeinae), Besourenga vejdovskyi (Scarabaeinae), Besourenga minutum (Scarabaeinae), Besourenga amarillai (Scarabaeinae), Besourenga (Scarabaeinae), Nunoidium (Scarabaeinae), Nunoidium argentinum (Scarabaeinae), Onoreidium (Scarabaeinae), Onoreidium bottimeri (Scarabaeinae), Onoreidium cristatum (Scarabaeinae), Onoreidium howdeni (Scarabaeinae), Onoreidium ohausi (Scarabaeinae), Pedaridium (Scarabaeinae), Pedaridium hirsutum (Scarabaeinae), Pereiraidium (Scarabaeinae), Pereiraidium almeidai (Scarabaeinae), Silvinha (Scarabaeinae), Silvinha unica (Scarabaeinae), Trichillidium (Scarabaeinae), Trichillidium brevisetosum (Scarabaeinae), Trichillidium caingua (Scarabaeinae), Trichillidium pilosum (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum adjunctum (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum arrowi (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum cordobense (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum depilatum (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum halffteri (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum heydeni (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum morellii (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum pauliani (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum pseudoarrowi (Scarabaeinae), Trichillum tishechkini (Scarabaeinae)
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